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Water Towers, graphic design and love in New York


Cuestiondegustos collaborates with *Treestar in its new candles designs. They look nice and smell better.

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Sunnyside, Art in my neighborhood

Sunnyside | Art Sunnyside | Poster Sunnyside


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More about Cuestiondegustos

Eclectic style

I've been working AS A graphic designer for years and there is ONLY ONE thing that you have to learn everyday ... reinvent yourself. My portfolio

Markets and fairs

Cuestiondegustos has presented the core of the brand in many different and important events like Renegade Craft and the National Stationery Show

Water Towers

Since I arrived IN New York, my main project has been to encapsulate the urban landscape. I keep refining the designs and trying to offer beautiful views of the city from my own work, especially the water towers.



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